Trump Suggests Biden Is “Compromised” by China

Trump Suggests Biden Is

( – Although Hunter Biden has managed to strike a plea bargain that should keep him out of jail on federal tax evasion charges, the scandal around his business deals continues to grow. Now the attention is on a WhatsApp conversation between him and a Chinese businessman — a conversation his father, who was vice president at the time, was allegedly sitting in on the exchange. Former president Donald Trump says this is evidence Biden is “compromised” by his links to China.

On June 27, Trump gave a speech in New Hampshire and pushed hard on the latest allegations against the Biden family. He read out a series of WhatsApp messages between Hunter and Chinese businessman Henry Zhao, who has links to the country’s ruling Communist Party. During the conversation, Hunter pressured Zhao to go through with a multimillion-dollar energy deal — and, to add weight to his demands, he told Zhao, “I am sitting here with my father.” He went on to threaten that if Zhao didn’t cooperate, he would ensure that because of “the man sitting next to me and every person he knows… you will regret not following my direction.”

Trump went on to point out that, within days of that conversation, “the Bidens received $5.1 million for doing absolutely nothing.” He said the reason the Biden administration never does anything about the Beijing regime is that the president is compromised and “owned by China.” Trump also said Biden’s links to China were just part of the problem, and there are more payments from other countries.

According to Trump, “Our country is controlled by other countries,” but he reminded his audience there’s a solution for that. He said that next November, he plans to stand up for America and “evict Crooked Joe Biden.” There’s a long campaign ahead before the next presidential election, but so far, it looks likely to be a rerun of the 2020 battle — and Biden is handing plenty of ammunition to his vengeful challenger.

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