Trump Stops Jim Acosta’s Rant During Press Conference – “Hold It, Fake News CNN…”

Trump Stops Jim Acosta’s Rant During Press Conference - “Hold It, Fake News CNN...”

( – CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to lob attacks at President Donald Trump during a Q&A with the press this week. The commander-in-chief, however, wasn’t having any of it.

Video of a White House press conference on August 3, shows Trump CUT OFF Acosta when the CNN reporter tried to slam him for his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The president stopped the hostile journalist and slammed his network. 

Trump Stops Acosta

During the briefing, Acosta interrupted the president while he was speaking and attacked, asking why the US has “so many deaths” when compared to other countries. President Trump cut him off in the middle of his question. “Hold it…hold it…Fake News CNN, hold it.” Then the commander-in-chief dropped some truth on the hostile reporter.


The press is constantly trying to lay the dead at the feet of Trump. The president has told people since the beginning of the pandemic to stay home if they are high-risk. His reopening plan was very specific and stressed that governors should reopen when it’s safe. What more is he supposed to do?

We live in a country where the people have free will. President Trump can’t force people to stay home without violating their civil rights. But Acosta and the rest of the mainstream media continue to attack him for that. Why?

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