Trump Steps Up to Protect Children

Trump Steps Up to Protect Children

( – President Donald Trump has been vocal in his advocacy for the nation’s children. First Lady Melania Trump has spent her time in the White House trying to wipe out bullying across the country. So, it’s no surprise the president recently signed an executive order (EO) to protect kids.

On June 28, while much of America’s attention was on the vandalism and violence taking place in many cities, Trump signed an EO to strengthen the child welfare system. The goals laid out in the order include increasing “accessibility of trauma-informed training,” and seeking partnerships with community and faith-based organizations. It’ll also make adoption programs stronger and provide resources for at-risk families to hopefully limit the need for removals.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has made families and children a priority. He’s also gone after human-traffickers in order to keep America’s youth safe. This latest EO is just one more move to make the country a better place for our kids.


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