Trump Slams Mattis For His Ridiculous Comments

Trump Slams Mattis For His Ridiculous Comments

( – Earlier this week, President Donald Trump told governors to stop the protests that are destroying American businesses and hurting cops, or he would send the military in. His former defense secretary, James Mattis, condemned him for his remarks. Now, the president is fighting back.

On June 3, Mattis accused Trump of trying to divide the American people now and for the last three years. The president didn’t take the retired general’s remarks lying down, he fired back.

What exactly Mattis expected the president to do is unclear. Trump was responding to a crisis and since his warning, the situation has calmed down. Sure, there are still cities where tempers flare, but for the most part, the protests have remained peaceful. Sometimes, the president has to just stand up and fight for what is right, even if his words don’t please everyone. It’s called leadership.


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