Trump Slams Dem Critics

Trump Slams Dem Critics

Yet again, President Trump is under fire from left-wingers in Congress — but on Saturday morning he came out swinging, hitting his opponents with a series of combative tweets that left no doubt he’s playing to win.

Trump took particular aim at the Democrats leading the charge to impeach him, mentioning several by name: House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and perpetual pest Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) were the three most prominent. Labeling them “Do Nothing Democrat Savages,” the president wondered how they would react if the Republican Party had done to Barack Obama what the Dems are trying to do to him.

Warming to his theme, Trump pointed out that Schiff read out a totally fictitious version of a conversation between the US and Ukrainian presidents to Congress:

The president ended his message with a tweet that simply read, “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” — a useful term for the endless political games being played in Congress.

However, his son Eric weighed in to point out that since Nancy Pelosi got behind the impeachment farce a few days ago, the Trump campaign has raised an additional $15 million in small-dollar contributions. The American people know who’s on their side — and it isn’t the Do Nothing Dems.

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