Trump Signs Police Reform Order

Trump Signs Police Reform Executive Order

( – Left-wingers and activists across the US are campaigning, marching and even voting for a crazy patchwork of police reforms, ranging from the sensible to the absurd. Now, President Trump has added some order to the chaos by unveiling and signing his own set of police reforms, in the shape of an executive order. It looks like a package of sensible measures that’ll raise the quality of policing and keep communities safe. Of course, the Left will object just because it was Trump’s idea.


In a ceremony in the Rose Garden on Tuesday, President Trump signed an executive order on law enforcement reform he says will make US policing standards as high as any on Earth.

  • The president said his reforms will promote the highest professional standards, adding, “We’re united by our desire to ensure peace and dignity and equality for all Americans.” He said he’d met the families of Ahmaud Arbury and other victims of racial violence.
  • The order outlines a series of measures to ensure best practices in police departments, covering all aspects from personnel management to tactics for interacting with the public and restraining suspects.
  • One of the most controversial aspects of police techniques, the use of chokeholds, will be strictly regulated from now on. Officers will only be allowed to use them if their lives are actually in danger, a compromise between protecting officers and demands for them to be totally banned.
  • There will also be an information-sharing system to track complaints against officers, making it easier to pinpoint problem cops before a more serious incident happens.
  • Police departments will also be given incentives to use non-police responders for some types of incidents, such as experts on homelessness, substance abuse and mental health.
  • There will also be DOJ grants for police departments that want independent credentialing of their use of force and de-escalation training, as well as additional funding to help with the use of non-police responders.
  • A statement from the White House on Monday makes it clear that the president stands behind the police. He won’t back any radical schemes like defunding or dismantling departments. Trump reinforced that point on Tuesday, saying, “When you remove the police, you hurt those who have the least, the most.”

In a break with their tradition of opposing police reform, the largest US law enforcement union – the National Fraternal Order of Police – offered support for Trump’s executive order, saying it strikes a great balance between safety and meaningful reform.

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