Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Companies Who Replace American Workers

Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Companies Who Replace American Workers

( – On August 3, President Donald Trump signed an executive order (EO) targeting companies that replace US workers with foreigners while also receiving tax dollars.

According to a White House press release, Trump’s order requires the companies that receive hard-earned American tax dollars to STOP replacing workers with foreigners. The order is meant to target companies who are using H-1B visas to import foreign labor and also outsourcing other positions while reaping America’s benefits.

Trump Signs It

President Trump said he believes “jobs must be offered to US workers first.” The EO will force the federal government to find and give preference to companies for contracts that prioritize hiring Americans instead of those from other countries. Also, according to the White House fact sheet, the Labor Department will issue guidance to stop H-1B employers from displacing American workers with low-wage immigrant workers.

The administration believes “outsourcing” during a pandemic is “especially detrimental,” as millions of Americans have already lost their jobs. The president hopes this EO will also curb national security risks posed by outsourcing labor for IT jobs.

Only large companies that receive a lot of money from the federal government are going to be targeted. For too long, big business has been allowed to import low-wage foreign workforces to replace US citizens while collecting countless tax dollars. Furthermore, by forcing businesses to keep jobs in our country, especially manufacturing jobs, it makes it easier to buy American.

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