Trump Says "Wall Will Be Built"

Trump Says
Trump Says "Wall Will Be Built"

We’ve just endured one of the longest government shutdowns in history, thanks to Democrat refusal to fund the border security wall. President Trump has reopened the government for three weeks to carry out essential business, but there’s no sign of the standoff ending. If there’s no movement when the three weeks are up, the government shuts down again – and the Dems are refusing to budge on funding. Is the wall ever going to get built?


President Trump says yes, it is – and he’s prepared to keep fighting congressional Democrats until it happens. Unfortunately the Dems, led by speaker Nancy Pelosi, are just as determined to obstruct the funding. Their political maneuvers have already cost the country as much as fully funding the wall would have done, but they don’t seem to care about that.

  • A short-term spending deal to temporarily end the shutdown was agreed on after passing both houses on a voice vote – by unanimous consent, in the case of the lower house. The aim was to try to break the link between funding the wall and having a working government.
  • Announcing the temporary reopening of federal government, President Trump thanked the federal workers who’ve expressed their support for his wall despite having missed pay packets through the shutdown.
  • Although he was keen to end the shutdown, Trump reiterated the importance of a proper barrier along our border with Mexico. Moving the debate on from the Democrat obsession with regular immigration, he pointed out that the lack of border security also makes it easy to bring in drugs, which kill over 70,000 Americans every year.
  • The president went on to discuss the problem of human trafficking, another major crime industry made easy by the lack of border security. Pointing out that this mostly affects women and children, he said that the wall would deter criminals from exploiting vulnerable people.
  • Warning that the wall is essential to keep us safe and protect our way of life, Trump made clear that he’s prepared to take stronger action if necessary. Referring to previous threats to declare a national emergency over the issue, he stressed that it’s vital we keep control of our own borders.
  • Saying “Walls should not be controversial,” Trump insisted “We cannot surrender operational control over our nation’s borders to foreign cartels, traffickers and smugglers.”
  • Trump later told reporters at the White House that he plans to work with the Democrats to get funding for the wall approved, but if there’s no progress “then, obviously, we’ll do the emergency, because that’s what this is – a national emergency.”