Trump Says He Will Remove Goodyear Tires From Presidential Limo (REPORT)

Trump Says He Will Remove Goodyear Tires From Presidential Limo (REPORT)

( – President Donald Trump suggested his supporters should boycott the products of the Goodyear tire company after a picture of an alleged slide from a training seminar was leaked to the news. He also said that if it were up to him, their tires would be removed from the presidential limousines.

The visual aid used by the instructor purportedly shows what might be considered appropriate attire — this included shirts, hats, and wristbands that support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) or the LGBTQ movements. Then went on to describe those that would be deemed inappropriate, like those supporting Blue Lives Matter or MAGA. An employee who wants to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal posted an audio recording of the lecture that accompanied the slide.

Goodyear Response

The upper management of the corporation may have felt like a metaphorical earthquake had slammed into their offices in the aftermath of the president’s tweet. Business Insider reports that 6% of the company’s stock value was literally gone in 60 seconds.

The first official response stated that “the visual in question was not created or distributed by Goodyear corporate nor was it part of a diversity training class.” However, as pressure continued to mount, the CEO released a letter seemingly contradicting the denial of the slide having been used in a class when he said it was created by one of the employees to explain the corporate policies.

They later clarified that Blue Lives Matter apparel is, in fact, acceptable as it, like the BLM material, are both “social” issues and not political. They also professed that their company has always supported the police in this country.

The Blurred Line

But as some have noted, the company seems to be trying to draw a distinction that does not exist in America today. One of the tenants that BLM is built upon is a clearly stated mission to remove President Trump from office.

An organization built, in part, to oust a particular person from the public office they hold is a de facto political group. Therefore, it’s hard to see the Goodyear comments as anything but simply playing semantics as a justification to support Liberalism while quashing Conservative voices.

Goodyear is a manufacturing company, and as such, their employees are all forced to become part of a Labor Union, which generally have a distinctive, politically leftist bent to them. A conservative point of view is a distinct minority in the rank-and-file of these type groups and seeing a company wielding its power over the people’s livelihoods for political gain is simply unacceptable.

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