Trump Says He Will Let Barron Trump Go To School In The Fall

Trump Says He Will Let Baron Trump Go To School In The Fall

( – Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has just confirmed how his family will respond to the virus.

According to a report by The Hill, President Donald Trump just released a statement confirming that he will let his son return to school this fall in person despite the pandemic. The news comes as Democrats push for schools and the economy to remain closed.

Trump Makes It Official

During the press conference, a reporter asked the president if he was comfortable with Barron, age 14, and his grandchildren going into a school building. Trump said he is “comfortable with that” and he would like to see kids back in the classroom.

President Trump pointed out the governors are ultimately responsible for opening the schools. He went on to explain the latest statistics have shown children fare far better when they fall ill with COVID-19. In fact, kids under the age of 10 transmit the virus less often than adults, according to a South Korean study.

The administration is working with medical professionals and the states to get kids back in their classrooms. Democrats, for some reason, are hesitant to allow it to happen, but the president isn’t backing down.

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