Trump Says Big News Out of Pennsylvania

Trump Says Big News Out of Pennsylvania

( – On Sunday, President Donald Trump’s legal team filed a petition with the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to hear an expedited case involving the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Last week, former independent counsel Ken Starr told a Senate panel under sworn testimony that Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar made “flagrant violations” to the US Constitution. This was allegedly done when the two made last-minute changes to election laws without the state legislature.

On Monday morning, December 21, President Trump tweeted:

It’s not clear if the president is referencing the SCOTUS appeal or something new. Regardless, the claims made to the high court are pertinent and relevant to the 2020 election and the governor’s and legislatures’ role in times of pandemics.

Supreme Court Case Charges Pennsylvania’s High Court is Negligent

Trump’s legal team is making the case that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court fell down on the job. Last month, the State Supreme Court ruled against the president and another lawsuit brought by a current GOP House member. In the new filing with the high court, Trump’s attorneys alleged that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated the US Constitution in its original rulings before and after the election by acting as a partisan legislature instead of an objective court.

In particular, there are three allegations made against the state Supreme Court:

  1. The court changed the law by stopping verification of signatures on absentee and mail-in ballots. Therefore, the ballots couldn’t be challenged during canvassing.
  2. State officials blocked GOP witnesses from “meaningfully” observing absentee and mail-in ballots canvassing efforts in Philadelphia. The state’s high court overturned a lower court order that the Trump campaign team could have access while socially distancing six feet and wearing a mask.
  3. The court eliminated or modified the requirements of the law for signing, addressing, and dating absentee and mail-in ballots.

Based on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s negligence, Trump is asking the nation’s high court to throw out the state’s Electoral College vote for Biden and allow the state legislature to seat its own electors.

Is This Trump’s Best Case to Date?

Trump’s attorney has quoted, in part, Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito: “[T]he constitutionality of the State Supreme Court’s decision… has national importance, and there is a strong likelihood that the State Supreme Court decision violates the Federal Constitution.”

Based on the Justices’ choice of words, this could be Trump’s best case to seek remedy for mail-in voter fraud that hurt his election chances. While it’s not entirely clear what Trump’s Twitter post was about, it could be this case or another.

Stay tuned for developments in this story.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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