Trump Runs Ad Going After Joe Biden For Being Jimmy Carter 2.0

Trump Runs Ad Going After Joe Biden For Being Jimmy Carter 2.0

( – Less than a year into the Biden administration, it’s all starting to look very familiar. A confused president, weak on foreign policy and making blunder after blunder on the economy – doesn’t it sound just like the Carter era in the late 1970s? Former president Donald Trump certainly thinks so.

On November 17, Trump released a new video ad comparing President Biden to Jimmy Carter, the single term Democrat whose four years of foreign policy humiliations and economic decline did achieve one thing: Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980.

In the video, Trump highlights how Biden is making all the same mistakes Carter did. The narrative talks about Americans surrendering to terrorists and slams Biden for his reckless spending bills. Under Carter, the average US inflation rate was 8%, and Biden has already pushed it to a 31-year high of 6.2% with no end in sight. Average inflation under Trump was under 1.5%, with wages rising almost twice as fast as prices; now, skyrocketing prices for food, power and gas are hammering Americans.

The ad ends with footage of Biden stumbling up the steps of Air Force One, intercut with shots of a vigorous-looking Trump. Jimmy Carter unwittingly gave us the Reagan administration; will Biden’s bungling put Trump back in office?

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