Trump Rises in Polls During DNC

Trump Rises In Polls During DNC

( -The Democratic National Convention (DNC) officially resulted in the nomination of Biden/Harris to oppose President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the November elections. In addition to the nominations, it seems to have had one unintended beneficiary… President Trump. As the unconventional convention (all remote feeds due to COVID-19, not the typical gala) went on, the president’s approval rating continued its upward swing, and conversely, the disapproval rating continued to drop.

2020 vs. 2016 Conventions

According to The Hill, numbers released by the Nielsen Media Research group indicate the number of viewers watching on the three big broadcast networks dropped by 42% from 4 years ago for the first night of the DNC. There was also a near 50% drop on night two, when they compared the two events.

Trump Popularity

The FiveThirtyEight project, an aggregator of various opinion and voter polls, show changes in the public perception of President Trump. Their data showed by the time the DNC closed, his disapproval rating was down by nearly two points from early July with a corresponding upswing in his approval rating.

The Left-Wing media sources continue pointing to the polls concluding Biden is leading the head-to-head battle as he has for the entire race. Apparently, someone needs to advise them to keep their crowing a little more subdued. Especially since the self-proclaimed “unbiased and scientific” canvassing companies showed Hillary Clinton was up by 4.5 points at the same exact point in the 2016 race, and everybody knows how that worked out for them.

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