Trump Reveals Plan to Reverse Biden’s Actions

Trump Reveals Plan to Reverse Biden's Actions

( – In 1980, Republican presidential nominee Ronald Reagan asked Americans a simple question — are you better off today than you were four years ago? In the 1970s, America dealt with runaway inflation that turned to stagflation. Gas prices were sky high, and people waited in long lines to fill their tanks. America’s foreign policy was in tatters, and the mood among Americans was sour.

There are several parallels between the 1970s and today. Under President Joe Biden, America went from being energy independent to dependent in just one year. The economy faces a possible recession, illegal immigration is out of control, many voters question the integrity of elections, and the US’ position around the globe is in decline. On Tuesday night, March 29, former President Donald Trump spoke with Just the News. In a wide-ranging interview, he shared his vision of making America great again, again.

Trump Says Biden and Democrats Are Destroying America

According to the RealClearPolitics poll of averages on Thursday, March 31, Joe Biden’s approval rating was a measly 40.8%, with 53.4% of voters disapproving. Only 27% of voters believe that America is headed in the right direction. The 45th president offered his analysis and perspective. First, Trump said Republicans must defeat Democrats in at least one chamber of Congress to halt the radical Left’s agenda.

Trump said what’s happening to America is sad and that Democrats are responsible for destroying the country. He repeated familiar refrains that the situation on the southern border is a disaster and that world leaders don’t respect our president. He added that freedom of the press and speech don’t exist anymore, exclaiming that the November elections are crucial for America’s future.

Trump Lays Out His Vision for America

The former president laid out a four-point plan to get America out of the hold Democrats dug for it.

  1. Combating inflation starts with America’s energy independence.
  2. Until countries stop and take back illegal immigrants, the US government should withhold foreign aid.
  3. Model election integrity after Florida and Texas to ensure free and fair elections.
  4. Stabilize the world and create a military alliance to protect against China.

To crush inflation, Trump said it starts with energy prices, which are tied directly to supply. If the US increases oil and natural gas supplies at home, it will begin to eat into costs and drive prices downward. Manufacturers of goods, food, and services can lower prices and deliver more to the supply chain.

On illegal immigration, the former president returned to a familiar theme. He said to solve the problem, it will take more than just securing the border, and America needs to send illegal immigrants back to their home countries, many of whom were criminals before coming to the US. Trump said if the immigrant’s home countries won’t take them back, the solution is simple — the US government should withhold financial aid until they do.

Over the last year, Trump continued to talk about the 2020 election and fraud and abuse. He said the federal government should take a cue from Texas and Florida by passing election laws that require voter ID, reject no-excuse mail-in voting, refuse non-citizen votes, and create strong deterrence and enforcement laws against election fraud.

Finally, Trump said the US needs to create a pacific alliance to counter China the way NATO in Europe does against Russia. Trump reiterated that Biden bungled the military exit from Afghanistan in August 2021 and emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. If he were president, Trump added that Putin wouldn’t have done it.

So, what do you think?

Does Trump have a solid campaign plan if he chooses to run for president again?

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