Trump Releases Aggressive 60 Minutes Interview

Trump Releases Aggressive 60 Minutes Interview

( – Let’s say the obvious upfront: President Donald Trump is more willing to step into the lion’s den than any other president in modern times. Despite how the media twists his words, accuses him of saying things he clearly didn’t, and reports negative stories on him 93% of the time, he shows up and takes the hard questions. It certainly says something about the president’s resolve to communicate to the American people what’s on his mind.

On Thursday, October 15, Trump took hostile questions from NBC’s Savannah Guthrie during what was billed as a town hall. It was more like a debate with the moderator. The president was accused of everything from white supremacy and racism to not caring about COVID-19. All points the president was forced to push back on despite Guthrie already knowing the facts.

60 Minutes Goes on the Attack

Leading up to the Thursday, October 22, debate, Donald Trump sat down with longtime 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl in the White House. Stahl repeatedly interjected, accused the president of misinformation, and talked over him rudely.

Russian Collusion

At one point, Trump brought up the Russian collusion hoax. She responded there was no proof it was a hoax. The president looked her in the eyes and asked her if she was serious.

It was an odd moment for someone who’s supposed to be in the know like Leslie Stahl. Hello! There’s a reason not one Democrat has brought it up in the last year. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hasn’t brought the subject of Russian collusion up one time, and for a good reason. It never happened.

Biden and Corruption

When the president brought up Biden’s corruption, Stahl again said there was no verifiable evidence, therefore they couldn’t report on it. Again, it was a breathtaking moment of denial and protection of the former vice president by the media. There are emails and pictures, a verified subpoena by the FBI, and more.

On Thursday morning, the story broke that Hunter Biden’s former business partner provided numerous documents supporting the New York Post story to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and the Government Affairs and the Senate Committee on Finance.


Stahl also continually tried to trap Trump on the issues of masks. At one point, she wanted to know why Trump wasn’t mandating them. He had to school her about civics by informing her he didn’t have the authority to tell governors what to do.

By the way, that’s the reason for the protracted shutdowns. While Trump opened the federal government up within weeks of the shutdown and said the cure can’t be worse than the disease, governors in Democratic states kept their citizens under quarantine and ordered businesses to remain closed.

Enough Is Enough

At several pivotal moments during the interview, the president asked why Biden wasn’t getting difficult questions. Instead, the president told Stahl the media was only interested in what kind of ice cream he got. He said her questions were a discredit to herself.

Before Trump released the raw video of the interview, several media outlets said the president was agitated throughout the interview and that he walked out of the interview. That clearly wasn’t the case. Trump was calm but direct and made sure to make his points.

At the end of the interview, someone said that the vice president was due to start his interview in 5 minutes. Trump must have felt that there wasn’t much else to say in the allotted time and said it was time to go. He wasn’t rude or offensive. He asked to speak with Vice President Pence for a moment before the camera turned off.

Once again, the video tells the story. It’s hard to watch and wonder how the media doesn’t see what much of America does. Is it any wonder used car salesmen and lawyers have a better approval rating than the media?

By Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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