Trump Ready to Avenge American Deaths in Mexico

Trump Ready to Avenge American Deaths in Mexico

Tragedy struck the Mormon community recently with the loss of at least nine members of a well-respected family. They belonged to an offshoot of the Church of Latter-day Saints who moved south of the border. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are appalling and a reaffirmation of why our border wall needs to be constructed quickly!

The family was killed at the hands of violent Mexican cartels south of the Arizona border. They were on their way to a wedding when they were caught between two fighting cartel groups. The cartels then turned their guns towards the Mormon family and performed gruesome executions.

Immediately after learning about this horrific incident, President Trump announced his eagerness to intervene and remedy the situation.

How great is it to have a leader so willing to avenge American lives!

This level of cruelty and inhumanity is what the border wall is designed to protect us from. Let’s hope that the wall gets finished before these types of gangs make their way into America!

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