Trump Reaches Out to North Korea

Trump Reaches Out to North Korea

( – Even during a crisis, President Trump is trying to improve relations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Although Kim has been unreasonable in the past with regards to his continued missile testings, Trump hasn’t given up. Now, he’s written Kim a personal letter offering cooperation in combating COVID-19.

North Korea hasn’t reported a single case of the coronavirus. Although Kim’s claim is highly questionable, if true it would be a remarkable feat.

Nevertheless, according to his sister, Kim greatly appreciated the letter in this difficult time. Still, Kim wants to see more “equilibrium” before relations between the countries improves. It’s believed that Kim was alluding to relieving sanctions.


It’s not unheard of that former enemies work together against a common foe. It remains to be seen whether or not Kim decides to accept Trump’s offer of cooperation in the face of this international threat.

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