Trump Promises To Fire Certain Federal Employees

Trump Promises To Fire Certain Federal Employees

( – When former president Donald Trump was running for election in 2016, he promised to “drain the swamp” that bogs down our government. The swamp turned out to be a little big to drain in one term, but Trump hasn’t given up yet. Now he’s promising that, if he’s re-elected next year, he’s going to go straight back to work on cleaning up the mess.

A new Trump campaign video released on April 14 lays out his plans for federal employees if he wins the election. Trump has never hesitated to point the finger at Washington, DC’s tangled web of bureaucrats, officials and hangers-on as a major reason conservative politicians struggle to get things done. He battled those webs all through his first term; if he gets back into the White House in 2025, he has plans for a dramatic cleanup.

In the video, Trump says he’ll make all federal employees submit to a test to make sure they understand how our form of government, with its powers laid out and limited by the Constitution, is supposed to work. Questions will cover due process rights, equal protection under the law, the Fourth Amendment (which protects against unreasonable search and seizure) and freedom of speech and religion. If officials fail the test, they’ll be fired. Trump says this will “put unelected bureaucrats back in their place” and give the US economy a massive boost.

Trump believes he will have to fight the deep state, but he’s certainly confronted the federal bureaucracy before. In October 2020, he signed an executive order that gave the president the power to fire “rogue bureaucrats,” and last month, he confirmed that, if re-elected, he’ll reissue that order. He also promised to “clean out… the corrupt actors” in our intelligence and security services. It’s an ambitious goal, but Trump seems to be looking forward to the battle against the swamp.

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