Trump Promises to Back Rally Attendees

Trump Promises to Back Rally Attendees

( – On Sunday night, President Trump held an indoor rally packed with supporters at a business in Henderson, NV. Thousands of supporters enthusiastically greeted the Commander-in-Chief and, at one point, yelled, “We love you.” Apparently, that didn’t sit well with Democrats, who are unwilling to campaign and prefer to rally their supporters from Democratic Nominee Joe Biden’s basement. The governor and local Democratic officials are now threatening the business and attendees for violating the governor’s orders to limit crowd sizes, but Trump promised to help them.

Instead of doing the hard work of campaigning, the former vice president allowed Nevada’s Democratic Governor Sisolak (D) to do the hard work for him. The governor and local officials threatened the business with fines, revocation of its business license, and other penalties. The president challenged them to do it and said he would support the attendees “if the governor came after you.”

The president’s campaign responded to the Democrat’s threats by pointing out that governing bodies in Nevada appear to think it’s okay to protest by the thousands, riot, loot, and leave a wake of destruction behind, but draw the line when people gather peacefully to hear from the president.

The president will be holding another rally on Friday, September 18, in Mosinee, WI. In the wake of destructive riots, the Trump campaign believes the president can win the state once again, propelling him to victory in November.

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