Trump Previews Debate Line Against Biden

Trump Previews Debate Line Against Biden

( – Brett O’Donnell, President Donald Trump’s debate coach, previewed the first debate match between the president and Democratic hopeful Joe Biden during a Sept. 26 appearance on Fox and Friends. O’Donnell said the president has a clear advantage based on his analysis of past debate performances by the two men and the chosen topics.

Fox News host Chris Wallace chose a wide range of topics for the debate, including the two men’s record, election integrity, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court, and the political and racial violence plaguing American cities for months.

Wallace also selected the economy. As O’Donnell pointed out, the economy is one of President Trump’s strengths, and if he “sticks to talking about the economy,” he will have a “distinct advantage” over Biden. O’Donnell also says the Supreme Court will be a strong topic for the president.

With his weekend nomination of Judge Amy Barrett expected to clear a Senate confirmation vote quickly, conservatives will retain a six to three advantage on the Court over liberal justices.

President Trump built one of the country’s greatest economies, and a majority of Americans remain convinced he’s the best leader to restore that economy post-coronavirus collapse. With his latest SCOTUS nomination, he also appears on track to deliver on his campaign promises of getting rid of Obamacare and overturning Roe v. Wade.

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