Trump Popularity Rising Despite Impeachment Circus

Trump Popularity Rising Despite Impeachment

The latest polling data from Fox News shows that weeks of media focus on the impeachment farce hasn’t moved the needle on public support for the process, with no more voters wanting President Trump removed than in October. However, over the same period, Trump’s personal popularity rose by 3% — in late October it stood at 42%, but now it’s risen to 45% — its highest level in over 2 years.

Polling also shows that support for impeachment is split on sharply partisan lines, with 85% of Democrats in favor and 84% of Republicans opposed. President Trump issued a warning of the dangers of politically-motivated impeachment, saying it undermines the value of impeachment itself and that:

“Someday there will be a Democrat president, and there will be a Republican House, and I suspect they’re gonna remember it.”

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