Trump Pledges to Help Most Vulnerable

Trump Pledges to Help Most Vulnerable

( – It’s no secret that prescription medications and vaccinations are expensive in the US. So, as scientists work to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, it makes sense the most vulnerable people in the country might be afraid they can’t afford it. President Donald Trump’s administration is assuring Americans that won’t be a problem.

During a call with reporters on June 16, a senior Trump Administration official said any COVID-19 vaccination developed will be free to the “vulnerable” and those “who cannot afford” it. President Trump launched “Operation Warp Speed” earlier this year and awarded scientists incentives to create a coronavirus vaccine.

Giving the medicine to people who need it, but can’t pay for it, at no cost is a bold move. With it, the president is making sure all Americans are given the opportunity to take it and stay safe. It’s a kind and thoughtful decision that proves he’s an incredible leader.


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