Trump Not Impressed With New Challenger

Trump Not Impressed With New Challenger

As billionaire Michael Bloomberg considers entering the presidential race on the DNC ticket, plenty of Dems and Republicans alike are skeptical. Dems don’t want even more nominees to clutter up their already overcrowded field. Meanwhile, Republicans don’t see how another businessman can do a better job than President Trump is doing.

Trump shares the American peoples’ sentiment of being unimpressed by Bloomberg’s potential participation in the 2020 presidential race.

As with numerous DNC candidates, Trump has given Bloomberg a new nickname: “Little Michael.”

Trump doesn’t see Bloomberg as a major contender for the DNC nomination. He tried briefly in 2016 and was only a blip on the radar before vanishing. This year should yield the same results for Bloomberg’s inevitable failure of a presidential campaign.

Little Michael just isn’t ready for the big leagues.

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