Trump Not a Fan of Oscar-Winning Movie

Trump Not a Fan of Oscar-Winning Movie

( – Every now and then, Hollywood puts out a good movie or two. Most of them, however, are sub-par or just blatant liberal propaganda. According to the latest Oscar awards, “Parasite” won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Trump wasn’t a fan of the acclaimed movie, though. He made that clear during one of his most recent rallies.

Parasite is centered around a poor, unemployed family of four who struggles to get by as they infiltrate a wealthy family to “earn” a living.

The director initially intended to make a movie about the unique struggles that people in his home country face. However, some critics see Parasite as a critique of capitalism and its shortcomings. Staunch defenders of the movie hail it as one of the best movies of last year.

What does it say that Hollywood elites love a movie that ridicules the economic system that makes America great?

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