Trump Nominated AGAIN

Trump Nominated AGAIN

( – On Wednesday, September 9, President Donald Trump was nominated for a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. At that time, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a Norwegian Parliament member, said he was impressed with the US president’s work in the Middle East. Now, just a few days later, Trump’s name was thrown into the hat again.

On Friday, Magnus Jacobsson, a member of the Swedish Parliament, recognized another historic agreement orchestrated by President Trump. He announced he has nominated the governments of the US, Kosovo, and Serbia for a Nobel Peace Prize for their agreement to normalize relations. Truly another great achievement for our commander-in-chief.

On the same day, the president announced he’d brokered ANOTHER historic peace deal, this time between Bahrain and Israel. It is similar to the one reached between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in August.

Democrats often paint the president as some kind of monster who only cares about himself. That is clearly not true.

The winner will likely be named in October 2021.

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