Trump Moves to Protect Supply Chain

Trump Moves to Protect Supply Chain

( – America’s logistical and production capabilities have been hit hard thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. Meat producers, truckers, and farmers alike are struggling to meet the nation’s needs. Now, President Donald Trump is taking action to remedy this situation as he explained during this brief press release.

Authorized under the CARES Act, President Trump is spending a total of $19 billion on food assistance programs to “maintain the health of the food supply chain.” Of that total, $16 billion will go directly to farmers and ranchers to help them through their struggles. The remaining $3 billion will go towards buying up products for food lines.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Ivanka Trump are also working together with the USDA. They unveiled the “Family Food Box” which includes produce, dairy, and meat products to distribute to families and food banks in need. According to Ivanka, the boxes weigh between 20-25 pounds each, calling it “incredibly virtuous.”

Trump knows the importance of a functioning food supply chain and is ensuring that America’s network doesn’t falter.

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