Trump May Restrict Students From China

Trump May Restrict Students From China

( – On Friday, August 28, the US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia announced a Chinese national who was researching at the University of Virginia was arrested for trying to steal trade secrets.

Haizhou Hu reportedly tried to board a flight to China while in possession of “bio-inspired research simulation software code.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained how the Trump administration might respond to this growing threat.

During an interview with the radio show “Mornings On The Mall,” Pompeo said President Donald Trump is looking into whether or not to restrict Chinese nationals from obtaining student visas. The secretary explained the US is probably going to announce new action against the communist regime soon.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has been pushing to restrict Chinese students from receiving graduate and post-graduate degrees in advanced scientific fields. In April, he spoke to Fox News about it.

Restricting Chinese nationals from degrees in STEM fields would help prevent the theft of American research and intellectual property. The latest arrest of the researcher in Virginia proves it’s still an issue. Isn’t it about time our lawmakers take action?

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