Trump Makes Extreme Border Move

Trump Makes Extreme Border Move

( – President Donald Trump has already implemented several travel restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19 using the power of executive order. Trump placed travel restrictions on high profile countries including China and several others from Asia as well as most European countries. Now, the president is taking America’s security to the next level by temporarily halting immigration into the United States.

Some exceptions to this policy may include certain work visas, especially for agricultural workers as they’re deemed “essential workers” right now.

Preventing people from immigrating to the US will help to keep everyone safer from the coronavirus, but that isn’t stopping Democrats from attacking the president over this decision.

Apparently, looking out for other peoples’ safety is “xenophobic.” They’re ignoring that Trump was already working to ensure that migrants entering the US weren’t infected and minimizing populations in ICE detention facilities. A truly xenophobic president wouldn’t be concerned for everyone’s health and well-being. Trump is, and has been, looking out for everyone.

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