Trump Looks to End Funding Criminal Sanctuaries

Trump Looks to End Funding Criminal Sanctuaries

( – Right now the Trump administration is working to defeat one of the greatest threats this country has ever faced in peacetime — the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. They haven’t taken their eye off the ball when it comes to other dangers, though — and there could be some bad news on the way for Democrat-run havens for foreign criminals.


The administration is currently putting together the next round of relief payments to help American workers and businesses threatened by the Chinese virus.

  • The next stage in the relief plan is likely to go to state and local governments. The idea is to twofold: support their own staff and give them the financial firepower to keep local businesses going.
  • The Democrats are demanding at least $500 billion in funding for state governments. States definitely need financial help — but many Republicans are concerned that cash intended to support the economy will be misused. It warrants looking into.
  • Some states have financial problems caused by mismanagement involving programs like health care or pensions. Republican lawmakers suspect state leaders will be tempted to use stimulus cash to bail themselves out of the holes they’re in.
  • There’s also unease at Democrat demands that illegal immigrants get federal relief money. So far, coronavirus stimulus checks have been restricted to people with Social Security numbers, but the Dems have been pushing for illegals to get handouts.
  • Now, the president is looking at ways to protect and stimulate the economy. At the same time, he wants to avoid misuse of funds and crack down on the danger of illegal immigration.
  • White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says Trump has been looking at the problem of so-called “sanctuary cities,” which act as a magnet for illegals. Last Wednesday, April 29, during a White House business meeting he said any support to sanctuary jurisdictions could be made conditional on them changing their laws.
  • The president told staff, “I don’t think you should have sanctuary cities if they get that kind of aid… if you’re going to get aid to the cities and states of the kind of numbers you’re talking about, billions of dollars, I don’t think you should have sanctuary cities.”

McEnany made it clear the administration isn’t going to put the taxpayer on the hook for bailing out Democrat state and city governments that have spent decades mismanaging their funds. Coronavirus relief spending should be targeted at American workers and businesses, and that’s exactly what the administration plans to do.

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