Trump Lays Groundwork to Reopen America

Trump Lays Groundwork to Reopen America

( – Most of the US is in lockdown mode and huge parts of our economy have ground to a halt. The administration says we need these preventative measures to slow the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, but after close to a month of it, people are starting to chafe. President Trump shares their frustration, and now he’s released his plans to get the country moving again — as soon as it’s safe to do it.


Talking to the press Thursday night, Trump announced the US is moving to the next stage in the response to the Chinese virus.

  • As part of the regular brief from the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the president declared “the next front in our war,” calling the new guidelines “Opening Up America Again.”
  • The administration’s goal is to lift the lockdown in stages. Trump said, “To preserve the health of Americans, we must preserve the health of our economy.” The clear goal of the guidelines is to get as many of the less vulnerable back to work as soon as possible and restart economic activity.
  • Each stage of the guidelines will kick in when a state meets the “gating criteria,” meaning new COVID-19 infections have to be on a downward slope for at least 14 days.
  • In Stage 1 of the plan, businesses will reopen, but with communal areas closed when possible and strict social distancing still in place. Staff will be encouraged to work from home where they can. Large venues and bars will stay closed.
  • Stage 2 will activate when a state has been at Stage 1 for 14 days and there’s no sign of a rebound in infection numbers. Non-essential travel can resume; large venues, including sporting events and churches, can reopen if moderate social distancing is followed. Bars can also reopen as long as they don’t become overcrowded.
  • After another 14 days with no rebound, states can move to Phase 3. Most restrictions will lift at this point, but social distancing should stay in place. Visits to senior care facilities and elderly hospital patients can resume.

Right now, no states meet the criteria — but with the decision to start unlocking down to governors, they’ll be keen to start the process rolling as soon as they can.

The economic damage from this pandemic has already been huge, and now we need to look at restructuring the whole economy to reduce reliance on China. There isn’t any time to waste — but, as President Trump said, it has to be done gradually and in a way that’s based on hard science.

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