Trump Lawyers Says Supreme Court Case Is the “End-All”

Trump Lawyers Says Supreme Court Case Is the

( – For over a month, President Donald Trump has been aggressively tackling mail-in voter fraud across battleground states. To this point, the courts refused to hear or rule on cases. That’s despite widespread proof and hundreds of signed affidavits by those who witnessed the fraud. However, according to Trump attorney Jordan Sekulow, the one final case that has been building is now at the doors of the Supreme Court.

Sekulow says it’s the case the Trump legal team has been leading up to and is the case that will finally settle the outcome of the 2020 election. Regardless of how this case is resolved, it appears that President Trump and his legal team are ready to move forward one way or another.

Will President Trump be sworn-in to a second term, or will Joe Biden become the 46th President of the United States?

Texas Lawsuit Is the End-All Case

Earlier this week, on December 8, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed suit with the Supreme Court against the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Together, these four states hold 62 electoral college votes — enough to decide the 2020 presidential election once and for all if the Supreme Court chooses to take the case. As of Thursday morning, December 10, 19 states have joined the Texas lawsuit.

As Sekulow explains, the case is built on what’s called “original jurisdiction.” That means a state, or numerous states, have a serious grievance with another, which requires the Supreme Court to get involved. In the Texas lawsuit case, Paxton is arguing that in the four battleground states, governors and state administration officials changed election laws to allow for mail-in voting without the approval of the state legislature. Additionally, the changes made by the state executive branches treated voters unequally, resulting in major voting irregularities.

Therefore, these four states affected the outcome of the nation’s one national election in violation of the US Constitution. The president is the only elected official in the United States that every American votes for every four years.

Electors Should Be Re-Selected

As a result of the choices made on behalf of the country by these four states, Sekulow argued that the remedy is for the state legislatures to seat new electors. The legal thought is that the elector’s clause, due process, and equal protection in the US Constitution were violated.

If the US Supreme Court took the case and ruled in favor of Texas and the 19 additional states, the nation’s high court would immediately change the outcome of the election.

Unlike all other elections in the US, the president isn’t elected directly by voters. The Constitution gives authority to state legislatures to appoint electors to the Electoral College. The US Constitution does not require Electors to vote per their state’s popular vote. However, while there was controversy in the election of 1800 when the House of Representatives had to decide that election, the 2020 election would be unique and groundbreaking if the Supreme Court steps in.

Stay tuned. This is a developing situation.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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