Trump Lawyer Says It’s Now “Clear” Voter Fraud Took Place in Nevada

Trump Lawyer Says It's Now

( – A Trump campaign lawyer says fraud was committed in Nevada during last month’s election – but the courts are turning a blind eye. With at least 130,000 fraudulent votes believed to have been cast in the state, he says, there’s a real risk of the election being stolen.

Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall says the campaign has identified 130,000 illegitimate votes, including votes allegedly cast by people who aren’t US citizens or are currently dead. However, he says, the courts just don’t want to hear about it. According to Binnall, the courts’ inaction gives credibility to the media’s claims that there was no fraud.

Binnall said it’s “really, really unfortunate” that courts aren’t willing to take on these fraud cases. He acknowledged that they’re difficult cases and courts are reluctant to get involved in such controversial issues, but insisted, “We can’t pretend it didn’t happen. It did happen.” Now all he has to do is get judges to listen.

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