Trump Jr Signs Huge Deal With Rumble

Trump Jr Signs Huge Deal With Rumble

( – Donald Trump Jr. has signed a new deal with a conservative media platform. The former president’s son is steadily gaining popularity online, and the reported seven-figure contract could be a huge boost for him. It could also help an alternative social media platform build its audience.

On January 3, Axios reported Trump Jr had signed a contract, lasting several years and valued in the millions of dollars, with video hosting website Rumble. The site, set up by Canadian entrepreneur Chris Pavlovski in 2013, positions itself as an alternative to YouTube. Pavlovski originally launched it because he felt YouTube was prioritizing so-called “influencers” over ordinary users; now, its focus is on free speech. Trump Jr says that while other platforms do their best to shut down opposition to the liberal narrative, “Rumble is building a platform that welcomes it.”

Rumble is much smaller than YouTube and the other mainstream social media platforms, but it’s grown to be one of the largest among the alternative ones with which many conservatives are experimenting. Last August it had around 78 million active users.

Trump Jr has gained over a million followers on Rumble since he joined the platform in 2021, and now he’s planning to expand his content there with a regular podcast called “Triggered with Don Jr.” The title is a nod to his 2019 book, “Triggered,” and the format of the new show will be built around Trump interviewing guests and commenting on news stories.

In a statement announcing the new podcast, Pavlovski predicted that Rumble’s political content has the potential to challenge not just other podcasts but traditional news media as well. The platform certainly has ambitions; other high-profile users include comedian Russell Brand and commentator Glenn Greenwald. It’s also formed links with former president Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform. Will Rumble be the one that finally breaks the Left’s stranglehold on social media?

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