Trump Jr. Challenges Hunter Biden

Trump Jr. Challenges Hunter Biden

( – Have you ever benefited, even if tangentially, from your parent’s occupation? An obvious example would be a kid who builds something at home with dad’s construction tools. But sometimes that benefit comes in a monetary form from well-connected parents willing to help their adult childrens’ endeavors.

So, it’s difficult to argue that people like Donald Trump Jr. or Hunter Biden haven’t financially benefited from their parents’ line of work. The critical questions are how much have they gained and were those gains legitimate? That’s what Trump Jr. has called upon Hunter Biden to openly debate: which one has gained more financial benefit from their respective fathers’ time in public office.

Of course, there’s virtually no way Hunter would show up to such a debate. He knows that he’d instantly lose when Trump Jr. brings up his dealings with Burisma.

Trump Jr. is looking to make up for the disproportionate amount of air time he and Hunter have received over their respective situations. Being that it’s the MSM we’re talking about, it’s obvious that Trump Jr. has gotten the shorter end of the stick. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Hunter should come out of this unscathed in the press.

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