Trump Jr. Believes His Father Is a Threat to Democrats and the Deep State

( – It’s fair to say no former president evokes as much hatred from the Left as Donald Trump. Now his son has shared his thoughts on why that is. He says his father is a threat to the Democrats, the Deep State, and the “uniparty.”

On August 29, Donald Trump, Jr appeared on Newsmax and spoke to host Eric Bolling. During the interview, Bolling pointed out that the former president’s trial dates for the four cases brought against him this year all coincide with important dates in the 2024 presidential election campaign.

For example, one trial begins on March 4, the day before the crucial “Super Tuesday” series of primaries. Trump Jr replied that this isn’t a coincidence. He said it’s been planned as an attempt to sabotage his father’s campaign because he’s “the threat to the Deep State… to the Uniparty and to the Democrats.”

Trump Jr said the Democrats are determined to sabotage the campaign and block him from the GOP nomination, because “he is the threat to their power.” He also gave his opinion on the notorious mugshot taken after his father’s arraignment at Georgia’s Fulton County Jail. He believes that was an attempt to end Trump’s presidential hopes, but thinks it’s backfired badly. There’s plenty of evidence for this assessment; there’s already a range of merchandise for sale, including mugs and T-shirts, featuring the mugshot image; money from sales is going to Trump’s legal defense fund.

Even some liberal media outlets are balking at the Democrats’ ferocious pursuit of Trump. The Wall Street Journal called the March trial date “a spectacular mess,” and while the paper isn’t sympathetic to Trump, it isn’t impressed with the Justice Department either. As it pointed out, the date choice could provoke many Republicans into voting for Trump to give “the establishment the middle finger.” The Democrats’ attempts to interfere with next year’s election could easily blow up in their faces.

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