Trump Issues Ultimatum as Rockets Land Near Baghdad Embassy

Trump Issues Ultimatum as Rockets Land Near Baghdad Embassy

Two artillery rockets landed near the US Embassy in Baghdad Sunday, in what’s widely believed to be an Iranian response to the elimination of terror chief Qasem Suleimaini last Friday. The weapons landed in the city’s so-called “Green Zone,” a fortified and guarded area that houses government buildings and foreign embassies. A third rocket missed its target and landed in a nearby residential area. Six people were injured in the attack.

President Trump responded to the attack within minutes, taking to Twitter to issue a warning to Tehran. He said:

A pro-Iranian mob attempted to storm the US Embassy last Monday, probably leading to the US decision to target Suleimaini. While mainstream media are painting that strike as US aggression, the truth is that Suleimaini had been ordering attacks on US targets for years. Now the president has put Iran on notice that it will be held accountable for any future acts of terrorism. The question is, will the ayatollahs get the hint and abandon plans to retaliate?


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