Trump is Lowering Your Prescription Drug Prices

Trump is Lowering Your Prescription Drug Prices

Do you feel like you’re paying too much for your prescription medication? Thanks to Trump’s new plan, you could be paying less depending on what medication you’re taking! His idea is to allow the importation of prescription drugs at lower prices.

Canada is a major exporter covered under this policy, but other countries are included in this new agreement as well.

The Department of Health and Human Services listed the proposed rules and guidelines needed to officially implement Trump’s plan. This implementation involves two courses of action for the plan to work.

The first is that US states will be allowed to propose their own importation protocols for drugs currently authorized for such activity in Canada. The FDA will oversee and approve these proposals. US-Canada border states have already signed on with this initiative.

The second course of action is to allow American pharmaceutical companies to import drugs they currently sell overseas. Traditionally, this is done through a middleman. The new plan would enable pharmaceutical companies to set their own prices at a lower rate.

Looks like fair market trade is more effective than the socialist policies pushed by DNC presidential candidates ever will be.

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