Trump Is, in Fact, in Good Health

Trump Is, in Fact, in Good Health
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You know the Left is getting desperate when they’re making up narratives about one of Trump’s doctor appointments.

Although President Trump is getting up there in years, he’s in excellent health at age 73. That’s not stopping Liberals and the MSM from obsessing over every detail of his life. So, when Trump went to pay his doctor an extra visit this year, speculation ran rampant.

Some on the Left are concerned about the details surrounding this doctor visit. They perceive the Trump administration to be “hiding the truth” about the appointment. Stephanie Grisham, White House Press Secretary, openly stated that “It was a routine checkup. Speculation of this nature is irresponsible and dangerous for this country.”

Trump also set the record straight

Of course, Trump’s word doesn’t mean anything to Liberals who are only looking for any excuse to hate him. The president’s appointment went smoothly and uneventfully aside from the unwarranted media frenzy.

There is an upside to this story, however — Trump got more publicity.

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