Trump Is Bouncing Back

Trump Is Bouncing Back

( – Polls can be a great way to guage how a candidate is doing — if the data collection is fair and balanced. The ones in the news lately are anything but. However, a new poll was just released that provides a very different perspective than the ones touted in the mainstream media.

In the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Biden is up 10.2 points over Trump. In the battleground states, the former vice president leads by 4.8 points. However, a brand new Zogby Poll released on October 13 shows something very different. President Trump is bouncing back and potentially winning where it counts.

Biden leads by only 2.1 points nationally, and Trump is leading in battleground states 46% to 43%. Additionally, Trump is gaining ground with independents and is closing the gap. He is now behind 39% to 34%.

There is even more good news for the president. He’s winning with voters between 30-49 by 13 points. He is also leading Generation X by 8 points. However, Biden is up with older voters by 20 points and the suburbs by 8 points.

President Trump has been saying for weeks the polls are getting it wrong again. So, why the major difference between the media polls and Zogby? Pollster Jonathan Zogby said it’s because they are factoring in third party candidates who typically win 5% or more of the vote.

The candidates’ internal polls are often more accurate than media polls. Watch what the candidates say and where they go in the coming weeks. It could tell us how they feel about their chances of winning on November 3.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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