Trump Hurts Poor Schumer’s Feelings

Trump Hurts Poor Schumer's Feelings

( – Who would have thought that a top Democrat would make a scene about being called out for his actions? Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sent Trump a letter that essentially told him to instill a military official as a czar to oversee the usage of the Defense Production Act (DPA). Trump, having already put up with Schumer’s hostility for the past several months, sent him a letter in return.

Schumer promptly complained about the response he received, saying, “I’m just appalled,” and stating that he wants President Trump to “stop the pettiness.” What’s petty about calling out the fact that Schumer tried to get the president impeached? That’s a fact.

What’s also a fact, as pointed out in the tweet, is that the third point of Trump’s response blows Schumer’s concerns out of the water. Trump already has appointed a military official, Admiral John Polowczyk, to oversee production and distribution under the DPA, a fact that was conveniently ignored. Clearly, Schumer’s overreaction to Trump’s letter was little more than a stunt to manufacture political gain. Is anyone surprised?


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