Trump Has Big News About His 2024 Plans

Trump Has Big News About His 2024 Plans

Trump Drops BIG CLUE About 2024

( – Maybe the biggest question right now for both sides of the political divide is what former President Donald Trump plans to do in 2024. Will he make another run at the White House, or throw his weight behind another Republican candidate? Trump himself isn’t answering this question — but he’s starting to drop hints.

Talking to podcasters Clay Travis and Buck Sexton recently, Trump said that based on what we’ve seen of President Joe Biden’s performance it would be “very hard” for him not to run. That might be the biggest hint yet that he’s aiming for a second term in office, but so far, he’s determined not to let the cat out of the bag. There’s a good reason for that, too. Right now, the GOP’s focus is on regaining control of Congress at November’s midterm elections. Confirmation of a Trump 2024 bid would take attention away from that, and could energize the demoralized Democrats.

Trump is obviously thinking hard about those midterms. He has a message for Republican candidates, saying they need to campaign on a clear pledge that they can “shut down the border, stop the crime, the inflation, and hold the Biden administration accountable.” If GOP hopefuls can deliver on that, and take control of the House and Senate, the path will be clear for Trump to announce a new campaign.

While we don’t know what the former president’s decision will be, he does. He told Travis and Sexton “in my mind, I’ve already made the decision.” When will he share it with us? “Fairly soon,” he said, adding that he thinks people will be happy.

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