Trump Gives Virus Frontliners Hope

Trump Gives Virus Frontliners Hope

( – Citizens will soon be getting some relief now that the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill is being doled out. However, we have everyone in the medical industry to thank, in particular, for their diligence and hard work in combating the viral outbreak. Doctors and nurses are very concerned about exposure to the coronavirus as they work on the front lines, and their efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed or appreciated.

President Trump hasn’t forgotten about the health care industry workers.

The POTUS recently stated that he’s considering giving doctors, nurses, and other health care workers hazard pay. Trump talked about it on Fox & Friends, saying “If anybody’s entitled to it, they are.” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin agreed with him when discussing the idea on Fox Business.

Congressional Democrats are also pushing for hazard pay, but for more industries than just medical care.

Hazard pay might be a central talking point as Congress considers a fourth stimulus bill. No matter how that pans out, our health care providers deserve all of our respect. Without their tireless efforts, the COVID-19 outbreak would be significantly worse.

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