Trump Gets a Victory in Court — We All Win

Trump Gets a Victory in Court -- We All Win

( – Cleaning up healthcare is one of the goals of President Donald Trump’s administration. One way the president is trying to accomplish that is by forcing hospitals to let patients know how much procedures are going to cost them so they can make good financial decisions. After a recent court ruling, Trump is one step closer to fixing the system.

When the price transparency rule was announced in 2019, the American Hospital Association (AHA) sued the Trump Administration hoping to stop it. US District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Carl Nichols ruled against the AHA. He said the association was “attacking transparency measures generally” meant to help patients make informed choices about their care.

President Trump tweeted about the win on Tuesday night.

The ruling isn’t just a victory for Trump, Americans won as well. We won’t ever be surprised by massive hospital bills again if the rule is implemented correctly. It’s a great day for healthcare reform in America.

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