Trump Ordered to Release NY Tax Returns — But the Fight’s Not Over

Trump Ordered to Release NY Tax Returns — But the Fight's Not Over

The Dems’ fight for President Trump’s tax returns may be nearing an end soon. Unfortunately, it’s in their favor. A federal appeals court just ruled that Trump must turn over his taxes to Cyrus Vance, a Manhattan District Attorney.

Thankfully, there’s still hope that Trump could win against this ruling and there may be some silver lining if he ends up losing the battle.

Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer, is appealing this ruling and directing it to the Supreme Court.

“The decision of the Second Circuit will be taken to the Supreme Court. The issue raised in this case goes to the heart of our Republic. The constitutional issues are significant.”

-Jay Sekulow

If the Supreme Court accepts the lower court’s ruling, then Trump will have to hand over his tax returns. However, the documents were requested under a grand jury subpoena, which means that it’s unlikely the documents will become public. Which is too bad for the Dems since making them public is largely what they were hoping for, to begin with.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) cited the Second Court of Appeals’ decision in a recent tweet.

What’s truly repugnant is the fact that Schiff can get away with his impeachment witch hunt nonsense. Sadly, that’s what happens when Dems get a taste of power.

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