Trump Fights Back

Trump Fights Back

President Trump is done putting up with the constant attacks and propaganda directed against him by the mainstream media. Thankfully, conservative watchdog group Project Veritas exposed CNN’s attempts to veil its anti-Trump sentiments as “credible” news and “covering all angles of the story.” After this information went public, Trump saw it as excellent evidence against the fake news corporation.

So, Trump’s attorney Charles Harder informed Jeff Zucker, CNN’s president, that he’s looking to sue CNN for the damage done to President Trump’s character over the years.

Although the president will face an uphill battle in our biased legal system, the first step has been taken to hold fake news outlets accountable for their actions. The MSM’s constant slander and misinformation campaigns have to stop — now. In the meantime, Harder expects additional troves of information revealing more of CNN’s corruption to surface in the coming days and weeks.


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