Ivanka, Barr and Others Exposed to Covid-19

Trump Family/Friends Exposed

(RightWing.org) – Peter Dutton, Home Affairs Minister of Australia, visited with US officials on March 5th. He came to meet with FiveEyes intelligence alliance members that hail from Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Britain. Following the visit, Dutton recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

In this photo, Dutton is standing next to Attorney General William Barr and Ivanka Trump.

Another picture shows him standing near Kellyanne Conway and another US official.

Currently, it’s unclear exactly when Dutton became infected. He reportedly woke up with a sore throat Friday morning in Australia. An Australian spokesman said that only those who had contact with Dutton over the previous 24 hours need to self-quarantine.

While it’s currently believed that the average incubation time for the virus is five days, the CDC currently advises the incubation time is 2-14 days. Whatever the case may be, hopefully no one in contact with Dutton will become infected with the virus.

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