Trump Enacts Wartime Powers in Fight Against COVID-19

Trump Enacts Wartime Powers in Fight Against COVID

( – While President Trump has officially enacted the Defense Production Act (DPA) in case America needs it, he’s been hesitant to put it to use. Trump believes that America should get most of its supplies from private sector entities that voluntarily step up to meet the nation’s demands. While this strategy has proven somewhat successful, there were still plenty of people calling for him to enact the DPA.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and other labor leaders were among the people asking Trump to put the DPA into use. They believe that the war-time mandate is necessary for America to start replenishing crucial medical supplies. So, hearing the nation’s call, Trump has decided to put the DPA into effect with General Motors.

Trump has been hesitant to officially use the DPA because he doesn’t want the government to overstep its authority. However, in this time of crisis, some people feel that more needs to be done. Trump is listening to the American people and he’s always done right by them.

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