Trump Delights Conservatives With Historic Appearance

Trump Delights Conservatives With Historic Appearance

( – President Trump became the first US leader to address the annual March for Life last Friday, in a show of support that’s gone down well with his conservative base. Of course, it’s attracted criticism from leftists, but what doesn’t these days?


The 47th March for Life took place in Washington, DC last week, and for the first time in the event’s history, the nation’s president was there to address the crowd.

  • With around 100,000 people expected to attend, this year’s March for Life was one of the biggest yet. A planned appearance by President Trump was probably a major draw for many people.
  • The president has supported the March before, addressing the 2018 event via video, but his decision to attend in person this year represents a big increase in commitment from someone who’s become more openly pro-life in recent years.
  • News that Trump would be speaking at the March seems to have attracted many first-time visitors, especially from evangelical churches. Many pastors and worshippers told the media this was the first time they had come to the event.
  • In his speech, the president outlined what he’s been doing to support the pro-life cause. He told the crowd that, so far, his administration has appointed 187 federal judges “who apply the Constitution as written.”
  • Many activists believe that Trump’s appointment of so many conservative judges means Roe v. Wade itself could be under threat — a goal of the pro-life movement since the law was passed.
  • Planned Parenthood also seems to think this, although they’re not so happy about it. The pro-abortion group’s CEO called the president’s speech “Further confirmation that the sitting President of the United States is determined to end the American people’s ability to access abortion.”
  • However, even if Planned Parenthood didn’t like the speech, actual attendees were far more enthusiastic.
  • Vice President Mike Pence also spoke to the crowd, this time over a video link. Pence is currently in Rome, and he told the March that he’d personally thanked Pope Francis for the support American Catholics give to the pro-life cause.
  • Pence also said “I couldn’t be more proud to be the vice president to the most pro-life president in United States history. Life is winning in American again.”

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