Trump Defends Position on Mail-in Voter Problems

Trump Defends Position on Mail-in Voter Problems

( – Mail-in voting concerns are mounting across the country. On Thursday night, October 15, President Trump doubled down during an NBC town hall when moderator Savannah Guthrie asked if the president would accept the election results. Trump expressed deep concerns about the election’s integrity when it could be decided by 1% or less of the vote.

Over the last few weeks, hundreds of stolen or discarded ballots were found across the country. A US postal worker was accused of dumping mail-in ballots in New Jersey. Over a hundred blank ballots were discovered in the trash in Kentucky. In Ohio, 50,000 flawed absentee ballots had to be reprinted and re-mailed, and it’s happening across the country. A half-million absentee ballot applications encouraging mail-in voting by a non-partisan group in Virginia were mailed to the wrong addresses.

Additionally, the number of rejected ballots in the primaries was very high due to voters not providing necessary information, filling out ballots improperly, or not using specific procedures spelled out by election officials. In New York City, 20% of the ballots were rejected, 37,000 ballots were rejected in Pennsylvania (Trump won the state by 44,292 votes in 2016), and 550,000 ballots across the country experienced the same fate.

Trump said he would concede if he lost, and the election is fair. Based on the trend so far, there are bumpy roads ahead.

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