Trump Crushes French Reporter

Trump Crushes French Reporter

French leader Emmanuel Macron has been a frequent critic of President Trump. Macron, whose newly formed “Republic on the March” party gained a surprise victory at the 2017 election, has quickly gained a reputation for posturing and grand gestures — but his center-left economic policies have been a disaster for France, and have sparked a long-running series of protests against his government.

Of course, France has some great companies, but increasingly they’re finding France a hostile environment for business and are setting up overseas branches. Fashion legend Louis Vuitton is one of them — last Thursday, they opened a new factory in Rochambeau Ranch, Texas, and President Trump was invited to cut the ribbon and declare the plant open for business.

Trump delivered a businesslike speech praising the company and welcoming the new jobs for American workers, and then took questions from reporters. One of those reporters was French, and she wanted to know why it’s American workers who’re getting the jobs instead of French ones.

Catching Trump’s attention, she asked, “You have a very low unemployment rate in the U.S. and we have a very high unemployment rate in France. How come?” Trump didn’t miss a beat — he just smiled and said, “Well, maybe we have a better president than you do.”

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